2022-04-26 Introduction

I have had multiple blogs at different points in time, but every time they seem to end up being neglected, torn down and rebuilt eventually, just to repeat the same cycle again. One of the reason is that a "proper" blog post takes so much effort to write -- from coming up with the idea, to deciding what type of article to write, to laying out the post, to writing and proof-reading. Even though I slowly relaxed my standards of writing in order to make better use of my blogs, it still feels kind of "wrong" to write haphazardly on my main blog. I still want my actual blog posts to be laid out properly and free of stupid errors, at the very least.

Although, in a lot of cases, I am simply not motivated enough to turn an idea into an actual blog post due to time constraints or a lack of "too much" interest in one topic. These ideas may never see the light of day on my blog, which is sad because a lot of topics deserve being talked about more. I could post them on my social media accounts, but sometimes the character limit is just too low to say anything of substance. On Mastodon, I can technically post however many words I want, but the reading experience of social media platforms is simply not designed for anything beyond around 100 words in length. Even if I don't want to spend too much time on one topic, 100 words is still too little for anything.

And, my friends, that is where this "short blog" format comes in. From now on, whenever I feel that I do not want to devote too much effort into a blog idea, but I would still like to say something about it, the post will likely end up here. Because this blog has a much lower "standard" than my main blog, there might be hot takes and stupid mistakes. Some of them may eventually turn into an actual blog post if healthy discussion happened and resulted in a change worth talking about in my original blog idea. But in any case, I expect this blog to be posted to way more often than the main blog.

The name, snowy.day, is sort of a complaint of the snowy Canadian winter. In such a winter, everything I could do as a wheelchair-bound person is to stay inside as much as possible. With the warmth of indoor heating and a blizzard outside, it sometimes makes just the right mood to write something down, like a friendly chit-chat across a dancing campfire while taking shelter from an ongoing storm. I do not necessarily love snow storms, but I do like writing and talking, and I will try to make this blog the best place for that when I do not cough have a real-life friend to talk to.

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